Why hire Buckeye Marble and Granite for your homes new marble or granite counter tops in Columbus, Ohio?

Marble and granite are some of the most common materials used in the construction of counter tops. Both granite and marble counter tops are loved for their durability and shine which helps to increase the value of a home. However, these advantages can only be fully enjoyed if the counter tops are installed by the right company. If you are in Columbus, Ohio and are planning to build a new counter top or upgrade using granite r marble, do not hesitate to contact Buckeye Marble and Granite.

Why Hire Buckeye Marble and Granite?


We set the standards for achieving the highest quality in granite and marble counter tops installations in Columbus, Ohio. We are known for our razor-tight seams. Also, our services are delivered with minimal disruptions. Besides, we do not conduct any messy demolitions. Also, we work within very small times so as to prevent kitchen downtimes. We value quality over quantity and will always treat your kitchen as if it was our own.


Our team is highly experienced and only uses the most technologically advanced equipment. Additionally, our team is highly-trained, not only in counter tops installation, but also in customer service. Therefore, you can always expect them to arrive on the exact scheduled time and to treat you with utmost respect.

Installations at Affordable Costs

We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable granite and marble counter top installations in Columbus, Ohio. Our prices are very competitive and we have no hidden fees that in the end result in higher cost than anticipated.

Our Customers Have Loved Working with us

Our success is attributed to our ability to continually and consistently satisfy the needs of our customers. Our reviews are evidence that our past customers have enjoyed working with us and that we delivered.

Licensed and Insured

One of the worst things that you could ever do is hire a contractor who is not insured or licensed. Our licensing assures you that you will get quality services. Besides, the license proves that we are qualified for granite and marble counter top installations in Columbus, Ohio. On the other hand, our insurance help to prevent you from being entangled in court cases where you pay hefty fines in case of an accident while working in your home. Also, it assures you that you will get compensation in case anything is damaged or stolen from your home.

So, please do not settle when you can easily access the service of the best marble and granite counter top contractors in Columbus, Ohio.

Call us today to speak with a specialist and get a free quote that comes without any obligations.