Why call Buckeye Marble and Granite if you need new granite or marble counter tops in Worthington, Ohio?

A kitchen or bathroom countertop cannot be installed easily on one’s own. It takes experienced professionals to get the job done right the first time. Since granite or marble is such a heavy, expensive material, it’s even more important to hire qualified individuals. There are too many problems that could happen with granite or marble countertop installations.

Finding Cracks

One common problem is finding one or more cracks in the granite or marble slab. This may occur before or after the installation is made. Some people are not concerned with cracks, depending on the size, while others are bothered by seeing a small defect.

Finding a Mismatch

Another problem is choosing the wrong material size, color or design. Some homeowners buy replacements for their existing granite or marble pieces. Then, they discover a mismatch, such as the colors or patterns not matching. By then, they may have already made the purchase and are not able to return or exchange the product.

Finding a Visible Seam

A seam is a line where two pieces of countertop material come together. Not all seams are visible. Some people find seams that they notice at first, but after a while, they forget that they exist. It’s similar to finding a stain on a door or window that becomes less important over time. However, some seams are in such sharp contrasting with the rest of the material that they cannot be ignored. Finding a crooked white line on a black or dark green granite countertop is too noticeable for many people. Only experienced countertop installers ensure that the seam is not made or remains invisible.

When it comes to installing a new countertop, anything can go wrong. The professional installers at Buckeye Marble and Granite in Worthington, Ohio will do whatever it takes to install or replace the perfect countertop. Homeowners should never sacrifice the integrity of the kitchen, bathroom or patio by doing sloppy work. The cost to install, replace or repair this kind of material is too high. Hiring our providers is the only solution to getting a strong, long-lasting granite or marble counter.